OSHC Health Assurance for International Students/Students

OSHC Health Assurance for International Students/Students


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What is OSHC ?

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OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover) is health coverage insurance specifically designed for international students to help cover medical expenses or hospitalization that may be required by international students when experiencing certain health conditions in Australia. With the cost of health care in Australia continuing to rise approx 5% every year, it would be very good if you already have a health protection plan that will be able to help reduce health costs if needed, and reduce the cost of living in Australia for students in general. In addition, assurance can also provide superior health insurance, especially for OSHC who have collaborated with health institutions that can support the health of students participating in this assurance.


What is Covered by Assurance OSHC

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Generally OSHC can help cover the cost of visits to the doctor, some hospitalizations, ambulance fees, and the cost of some medicines. OSHC issuers offer assistance with different types of fees, and therefore need to be considered carefully so that insurance can suit your needs and budget. There are only a few OSHC insurance provider which are officially under the Ministry of Health of the Australian Government, including ahm OSHC, Allianz Care Australia (Peoplecare), BUPA Australia, CBHS International Health, Medibank Private, and NIB OSHC.


Way To Buy OSHC

The first step

Log into the OSHC website 

After entering the site you can choose the type of assurance that you will use according to your financial capabilities and the needs you want

Step two

After choosing the assurance that will be used, we will be directed to fill in the required biodata as a condition for registering into the insurance

Third step

After filling in the complete bio, we will be directed to make a payment according to the price chosen by the customer

Fourth step

After completing the payment, the customer will be directed to the last link, namely to receive a certificate which will be sent to the email listed as proof that they have followed the OSHC assurance.

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