The International Court of Justice is one of the United Nations auxiliary bodies based in The Hague (Netherlands). Its members consist of eminent jurists, namely 15 judges who are selected from 15 countries based on competence in law and their term of office is 9 years.

Source: | The International Court of Justice

Court great International, or normal known with International court of justice, is court highest in world. Court international can finish dispute What even between countries Which No member Union Nations. Solution This follow road peace Which in accordance with principle justice And law international. Court International decide dispute interest and litigation.In disconnect case, court international guided on agreement international (agreement And practice international) as source law. Decision Court International characteristic finals, but appeal possible. Besides Court International, There is Also court international. Arbitration international intended only For litigation And decision arbiter No can based on rule law. Court own function double For finish dispute international in case Which referenced by Country And give advice And opinion law about problem organization international And body special they. Task main Court International is finish dispute between country member. Body This Also give opinion or advice to bodies official And bodies special Union Nations.

There are three ways that countries can follow when they want to submit dispute cases with other countries to the International Court of Justice.

First, with a special agreement (special agreement). Two or more disputing countries jointly submit the case to the International Court of Justice in an agreement.

Second, through a special clause in a treaty (clause in a treaty). There are more than 300 treaties containing clauses used by a country to accept the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice when there is a dispute or difference in interpretation regarding the application of the treaty.

Third, there is a unilateral declaration. Countries that submit their dispute cases to the International Court of Justice can choose to use a unilateral declaration that is in accordance with the jurisdiction of the Court and follow for other countries.

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